This page is for our LFG Parts Supply Standard Detonation Sensor Harness for the Caterpillar 3520 and carries our standard one year warranty.  For a far superior harness with a 10 year warranty see our Excelsior Detonation Sensor Harness – part number 2064807EX

Jumpers not shown in picture – 20 jumpers are included with the harness.

SEE ALSO 2064807 Jumper

The detonation sensor harness and the Thermocouple harness on the 3520 located behind the exhaust manifold, place the harness in a location that ultimately results in failure in the event of an exhaust leak.  To address this LFG Parts developed both detonation and thermocouple harness that are longer and allow the harness to reach  down to the frame rail and lie along the rail safely away from the heat.   The Detonation sensor leads are not long enough to reach the harness when it is down on the frame rail.  Due to this, an additional  length replaceable jumper (2064807 Jumper) is needed to connect to the detonation sensors, included with this harness.  This way if there is an exhaust leak the replaceable Jumper can be swapped out quickly and easily in minutes, by hand ( the jumpers use Deutz connectors) with a new one and the engine will be back in service instead of replacing the whole harness.

These harnesses are of a much superior quality and use more material to get the harness out of the way of the damaging heat and reach  points that the OEM will not.  This harness will lower operating costs by lasting many times longer than the OEM and not burning up during an exhaust leak.

LFG Parts Supply Excelsior harnesses are made from aerospace quality materials and are designed to last 20 years of continuous service.  Unlike the OEM the LFG harnesses do not become brittle when heat cycled.  We have harnesses that have been in the field on engines that operate 24/7 and the harness are still as flexible after 7 years of operation as the day they were placed in service.  Our Excelsior line of harnesses have a 10 year warranty – 5 years full replacement and 5 years pro-rated, see our warranty for more information.

One of our customers had a OEM main harness and our ignition harness on a 3520 strapped together.  A fire from a coolant leak below the harnesses totally destroyed the OEM harness, burning it to bare wire and the LFG harness was still usable and virtually undamaged!  These are extremely rugged and durable harnesses.  They will not get brittle from heat cycling and will stay as flexible as they were when new for the entire life of the harness of 20+ yeaars.

if you have harness needs for a different engine contact us for pricing and quantity to build you a custom harness.

LFG Parts Supply Excelsior Parts:   LFG Parts Supply have developed two lines of quality parts.   We provide a standard line of products and the Excelsior line – our Excelsior line is a limited line of products, ck with an LFG sales rep to determine if we carry the Excelsior line to meet your needs..  The standard line is of better quality than the OEM and carries a warranty similar to the OEM.  The Excelsior line is far superior and carries an extended warranty – each type of part carries a different warranty in the Excelsior line – check the warranty section for details.