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4954888 /M-4954888 FUEL INJECTOR FOR ISX07

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Do you prefer OEM parts over remanufactured aftermarket?  You may be surprised to learn that many of the parts you purchase from an OEM are remanufactured!

If you return a core to the OEM, your old part is then disassembled by the OEM and remanufactured and resold, often as parts that you may assume are new just because you purchased them from the OEM.

You also may be surprised to learn that most of the parts you purchase from the OEM are not manufactured by the OEM.  They are manufactured by independent suppliers.

Finally, you may be surprised to learn that the parts you purchase from LFG Parts Supply come from an OEM manufacturer.  They may be made in the same building, by the same people on the same machines.   The only difference is you do not receive your new part in a fancy OEM box and you save as much as 50% of the OEM cost.

Our manufacturer has been supplying new parts to OEM’s for more than 30 years and has all the equipment to properly manufacture and remanufacture parts (like fuel injectors) to ensure they meet the standards of new parts including flow and pressure testing which non-OEM parts rebuilders likely do not have.  Even OEM remanufactured injectors are likely to be measured to meet go-no-go specifications, yet not likely flow tested to ensure they meet new OEM standards.

Next time you purchase parts, think about how much that fancy OEM box your part comes in is costing.   Likely it comes from the same facility as what you order from LFG Parts Supply.

Safe travels.

LFG Parts Supply, INC.

 These parts may fit other engines than listed here.  Check with your parts manual to determine if this part number fits your application.


ISX 07 -CPL# 1434 / 2733

CM871 CPL# 0927 / 1434 /  2733 /  2919 / 2965 / 31167 / 3458 /  8660

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Weight 3 lbs